short kurta for men

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We give 100% Guarantee on all our products. Please note the strict ways of selling our products

We do not give cut size.

Set is compulsory S,M,L or M,L,XL or S,M,L,XL or M,L,XL,XXL or M,L. These are our size patterns and we intend on selling the same way. Please do no enquire for cut size.

We do not give color set or multiple colors of different sizes. Size set is compulsory for example (1 Colors = M,L,XL size)

Our products have Gurantuee in Stiching, Color, Size and Appearance.

We do not give Shirts in  Single Size shirts. You can feel free to enquire and if we have in stock, we can discuss the terms. But we do not take returns for these type of goods.

Feel free to buy any products from us. We will assure you we can give you the best prices products with assured branded experience. Please read above terms as we STRICTLY follow the same.

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